Residential Building & Land Maintenance

When you own a home, you can easily be overwhelmed with the regular maintenance tasks involved in keeping your home looking & working like new. Some tasks can be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly while others are can be seasonal, quarterly, annual, and even longer intervals.

At HHS, we make homeownership simple. We do everything from scheduled yard maintenance to regular air & water quality monitoring so you won't have to. Each home is unique and will have a custom maintenance schedule tailored to the customers needs. Not every service will be needed by every client, so we offer various packages & discounts depending on what works for you.

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Lawn Care Package

In order to maintain the good hygiene of our foods, favorite drinks and products, it is advisable to clean the fridge once a month. This way, we will avoid creating a mess of foods that show off bad odors and harmful bacteria that are inside your fridge or freezer.

Mow, Trim, and Blow

Apply Fertilizer, Pre- and Post- Emergent Herbicides

De-Thatch, Scarify, and Seed

Soil & Water Quality Testing

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Pressure Wash

Water Heater Flush

Filter Changes

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